Below are just a few e-mails and comments from those who have received the Sub-Occipital Release Procedure.

I should probably start with my own personal experience:
Jeff St.Onge San Diego California:
 I received a phone call from a friend who had received a Procedure from someone who was traveling through the area and she was very excited with her results.
She had asked the Practitioner if he would give a lecture at her office and make his work available to those who wanted to experience it and he agreed, I decided to go along just to  hear what he had to say.
I was very impressed with what I heard and saw, and after watching him work on people with very good results I wrote him a check and received the work for myself.
It was amazing! as soon as I stood up my back pain was completely gone! my stabbing neck pain that I had for years was also gone.
Needless to say I was very impressed.
Over the next few weeks I experienced many other changes, my neck pain came partially back for about a week before leaving again never to return, along with my lower back pain.
My eyesight improved to the point that I would forget to use my driving glasses. My sense of smell also improved, so much that I could smell the soil in the canyon behind my home (something I had not experienced before).
My hips were never even and it caused my legs to appear uneven, (after the Procedure they were straight and have remained that way.
Something else also happened, It effected the way I think. I became much more assertive and sure in my decision making, I can see the way before me more clearly now. And I have also seen this happen to many others after receiving this wonderful and unique massage work.
If you would like to experience this work, please contact my office by phone or e-mail
My office is in San Diego Ca. 619-701-5105

Dr. Mick Hall:
After a dozen years of frequent headaches, chronic neck pain and fatigue caused by both, I really appreciate the relief I enjoy from all three problems being eliminated as a result of Jeff  St.Onge's work with S.R.T. Neck Release release.
Thanks Jeff

It has been two weeks. I am doing well. After leaving your office I noticed that I was able to walk, and I walked further than I have in six years. It no longer hurt my lower back to walk so I walked to Sears.
With each step my mind became clearer and I noticed that I was not dizzy anymore. I have been so sore and it now feels so good.
I still have some discomfort, but I am now taking 2/3rds less meds. I am sober during the day now and in the morning time.
Thank you sincerely,

J. N., One week after the S.R.T. Neck Release Procedure:
Well Jeff
, I must tell you, I don't think I have felt a profounder shift from anything I've ever done! Thank you so much.
Although the right side of my neck was definitely soar, I woke up with no neck pain, headache, back pain, hip pain, and really most impressively and unexpected, no more foot pain. My head is also clear. Just think what I can accomplish with a clear head. I am excited, great-full to you and hopefully this feeling will continue.
I am tempted to go for a walk, which I haven't done in months due to the pain.

Santiago, Two days after the S.R.T. Neck Release Procedure:

Hay, so yesterday I felt really relaxed all breathing was really deep... today woke up really early and when I do my neck exercises I have full range of motion and 0 pain! This feels great!
And my Mom says the tightness in her leg was 100% gone yesterday.

I wanted to give you good news. I did our move into a new place pretty much on my own. My back didn't lock up once. I feel that the S.R.T. Neck Release really worked! I have sent your contact info to a good friend of mine in NY.
Yes, you're that in demand!

Michael: Two days after the Procedure:

Hi Jeff, just wanted you to know that my range of movement is very good now and I am a little tired which is very rare for me. I definitely feel a large difference after the S.R.T. Neck Release Procedure and look forward to the continued benefits that I am already experiencing.

Mariane: San Diego
I wanted to let you know my neck and head feel amazing. I'm already so impressed with your work in developing the S.R.T. Neck Release Procedure,
I am very grateful.

Margrit: In Germany

I would like to say a huge thank you to you for your professional work. About 2 hours after your special treatment the S.R.T. Neck Release, I felt that I got full 360" rotation of my head and a widening of my visual field. And this wonderful feeling
I would describe it as "effortlessness" lasts ever since.
Thank you.

The statements above are all unsolicited e-mails that people had sent days after receiving the S.R.T. Neck Release Release. The one below was requested by an interested person who was planing a trip to San Diego and was thinking of having the Procedure done while she was here. She had requested a reference for the work so I asked Mary ( a past client) if she would e-mail or phone her. The following is what she wrote. I have removed some of the personal information but have printed most of what she sent.

Mary: San Diego Ca.
 Hello, my name is Mary. I have had a request from Jeff St.Onge. He asked that I contact you as a reference for the healing work that he does.
I must say that I am one of Jeff's biggest fans, perhaps that's why he asked me to contact you. I not only had his procedure myself but because of the miraculous results, I have taken 2 of my best friends, my daughter and a friend's daughter to see him for the S.R.T. Neck Release. They have all had wonderful results also and feel the same way that I do about Jeff.
He has literally given us back out necks, pain free. I'm 64 years old and feel like I'm 40 again.
My story started a long time ago.
When I was 16 I fell off of a horse and landed on my head and neck. At that age I didn't realize the profound impact that injury would have on my life in the years to come.
At around the age of 40 I started having neck and shoulder pain., as I got older it only got worse. I was wondering what in the heck could be wrong with me?
I had a friend at the time who worked in a Chiropractic office and she invited me to come to see him. At the age of 45 I began an intense "corrective care" Chiropractic program. I did not miss a week in 19 years.There was not one week in 19 years that I didn't go for an adjustment . I drove 180 miles round trip every week.
The Chiro told me that if I didn't continue to come for adjustments (for the rest of my life), that my neck would fuse together and eventually I wouldn't be able to turn my head.
I was frightened and believed him.
19 long years and $40,000.00 later
, I still had neck and shoulder pain. The adjustments would keep me comfortable for about 3 days only to find my neck pain back again and me being anxious to get back to the chiropractor again.
One day I was talking  with a newly found friend when she saw me pulling at my neck. I was so distracted by the pain that she noticed and asked what was wrong with me?
I told her my horse accident story and my many years of chiropractic adjustments. She told me about Jeff St.Onge and she gave me his brochure with his number. She told me to go see him and he could help me. She and her daughter had already received his S.R.T. Neck Release Procedure and they felt GREAT!
I called Jeff and went to see him last September, I told him my story and for a mere price of $250.00, he gave me back my health. My neck pain was GONE, instantly and I swear to you, it has never come back. I have not seen the chiropractor since and I literally feel 20 years younger and stronger, I would have paid him $5,000.00 on the spot for what he did for me and it only cost me $250.00, Amazing!
My husband can't believe the person he is living with now. He smiles and is happy that I am not complaining about my neck pain anymore. He calls it "A MIRACLE!"
Believe me, it was miraculous because I have not had any pain and I can do things I've not been able to do in years. Like, reach up high into the cupboards, dig in my garden, (that really used to through my neck into a fit,) I can carry heavy grocery items without hurting myself and running to the chiropractor to adjust my neck to relieve the pain. I can vacuum again! Before Jeff, vacuuming was a huge no no for me and it pulled my neck right out of place. Now I can vacuum my entire house with no pain afterwords.
If you like you can call me. I would be happy to talk to you on the phone and give you some reassurance that Jeff is a rare bird, he is a special healer, a very modest guy and I have never met anyone like him. He also guarantees his work.
My phone number is ***-***-****

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