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Q : How is the SRT Neck Release  method different from other modalities?

A : Development of the SRT Neck Release method was a breakthrough for mankind! Most of us suffer from excessive tension of the neck and upper upper back at some time in our lives. This excessive tension then leads to interference of normal function and communication between the brain and the rest of the body which can cause a multitude of health problems.

The SRT Neck Release method does not treat symptoms, it goes directly to the cause of the problem. It is accomplished by a very specific and unique pattern of release of the soft-tissues that interact with the upper back and neck area, which makes the procedure a soft tissue treatment. Once the interference is eliminated, the body can then become stronger and begin to heal.   See the Articles page of this site.

The procedure is done in several phases. The first phase is the initial evaluation and SRT Release. The second visit will then be scheduled for one to four weeks later, where the Procedure will be repeated and a re-evaluation takes place and additional work may also be focused on any areas that need extra attention. for example: My neck shoulders and lower back feel great now but my left knee still bothers me from time to time. The Practitioner would then also focus work on that area.

Q : What is the cost for the Procedure:

A : $200.00 to $300.00 depending on the practitioner you visit. Children are usually discounted..

This fee is for the first visit, evaluation and  procedure (phase one), it also covers the second visit (phase two). And in rare cases if a third visit is needed there is no additional charge. All visits after that will be subject to regular office fees.

Q : Is the procedure painful?

A : The procedure is different for each person. Some people like it and comment that, "it feels good." Others use the word "intense" to describe the experience. If a person has arthritis or trigger points in the muscles of the upper neck and shoulders, their experience can be uncomfortable and the practitioner will need to be more nurturing in his or her application of pressure and stretch.

You can check yourself and see what it will be like for you by placing your index finger behind your ear and then sliding it back until you are in the soft tissue and then pushing firmly inward. What you feel there is about what you will feel during the visit.

Q : How can I know if I need this procedure?

A : With spending much time on computers along with poor posture and injuries, almost everyone needs to receive the SRT neck Release Procedure. Most of us have experienced birth trauma, and have carried that with us our entire life. This is an injury and damaging of the delicate upper neck muscles and ligaments during the birthing process. It is more noticeable in those who have had forceps used to speed up and force the birth. It is also prominent in Cesarian Births, and then as we go through life with it's falls and other accidents that can compound the trauma. Our bodies react to these traumas by tightening and locking these areas to protect its self. Over time the tissues begin to harden and become stiff and painful.The SRT Neck Release was created to reverse this process. 

Q : What can The SRT Neck Release do for my specific condition?

A : I am often asked what it can do for specific conditions that a person may have.You must remember that it is the body that does the healing. The Procedure frees the locked up frozen tissues, removes blockages, and awakens our body's healing abilities, so that it can then heal itself (see our "Home" page). Once the area is no longer torqued and stressed, causing these blockages and weakening our body, then the body will take care of what it feels it needs to heal first. Selective healing simply does not exist; however, we have seen amazing results with some people.

Q : Is the SRT Procedure safe and has anyone ever been hurt?

A :  To my knowledge, not one person  has ever been injured by this procedure. Thousands of  people all over the world have received the SRT Neck Release and with no injuries ever reported. The procedure only uses safe advanced techniques.

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