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                                        Other Therapies

On this page you will find a basic list and descriptions of some other modalities that you may experience during the S.R.T. Procedure.

Each Practitioner brings their own background training and life experience into each session based on the particular needs of each person they see.

Primal Reflex Release Technique (P.R.R.T.)

Jeff St.Onge, HHP 

A reflex is any movement occuring automatically and involuntarily as a result of the nervous system's reaction to a stimulus. The presence of "overly-protective" reflexes in a number of places in our body, if hyper-aroused, can be the underlying cause in many of the health challenges we face today, including chronic pain and discomfort from tension. This pain can be produced anywhere in the body. Health peofessionals have been unsuccessful in treating many of these problems today simply because they are looking in many of the wrong places.

P.R.R.T. begins with the "One Minute Nocioceptive Exam," where the practitioner performs a simple one minute test for the presence of hyper-arousal of the primal reflexes. Conformations are usually found starting in the lower back on the left side, then switching to the right side about half way up the back, and continuing up through the right side of the neck, then up behind the ear to the temple, and then into the right side of the jaw.

The practitioner then performs several gentle, rapid resets of the up-regulated regions where "overly protective" reflexes are present and then re-examines for any change. Following the brief several minutes of treatment, most areas are no longer able to elicit their prior reflex response, the pain is either gone or considerably reduced. There may be some slight residual tenderness that disappears in just hours. Most people experience at least 50% reduction in their pain and stress level on the first visit and their ease of motion is similarly improved. In most cases only one to four visit(s) is/are ever needed. Click the link below for news interview and video.

Fibromyalgia/TMJ disorders/pain and discomfort anywhere in the body - see video: 

Modern Medical Chi-Kung (MMC)
Now known as "Hirano Shen-Kung" (HSK)

Jeff St.Onge, HHP

Chi-Kung is widely practiced in Asia and its popularity has spread around the world. The most popular type practiced here in the U.S. is a self help type of excercise that incorporates movement with breathing to gather and move energy (chi) for improved health.

MMC is not the aforementioned type of chi-kung; it is a new approch to medical chi-kung. A culmination and integration of the rich traditions of martial arts, Chi-kung, traditional medical Chi-kung,traditional Chinese medicine, and. most recently, Chinese Energetic Medicine (CEM).

C.E.M. was developed by Dr. Kam Yuem. It integrates the latest scientific knowledge of  physiology, biochemestry, psychology, and quantum physics; transforming the classical chi-kung technique into a quick and instantaneous energetic correction of the pathological conditions.

Modern Medical Chi-Kung is an enhanced version of Chinese Energetic Medicine, developed by Dr.Tatsuo Hirano, by expanding the areas that it can address and leans more towards Traditional Chinese Medicine.

MMC is unique in that it uses muscle-testing on an energetic level to locate the cause of energy blockages. Once located and confirmed, they are instantly cleared, leaving the recipient calm, at peace, and in less discomfort.

Jeff St. Onge has studied with Dr. Hirano and has integrated MMC into his practice.

Supports all health issues.                        www.energeticsforhealth.com

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