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Astonishing new method - frees chronic tension


The S.R.T. Neck Release is a revolutionary method that gently releases tension of the upper back and neck area, allowing it to experience more normal movement. This activates the self-healing and harmonizing processes within the individual.

S.R.T. being holistic in nature, promotes wellness and rejuvenation on all levels - mind, body, and spirit - being not only curative, but also preventive.

People receive the S.R.T Neck Release Procedure as a matter of free choice, to feel better, look better, and for greater life expression. Many find that their chronic pain and discomfort, headaches, and other problems soon begin to fade and their thought process is more clear. They experience great stress relief and inner peace. Many note that they feel a closer connection with their creative power, inspiration, and inner wisdom. 

While developing the S.R.T. Neck Release Technique, it was discovered that there is a specific pattern of release, using a very precise method that will allow the upper back and neck area to release, gaining more mobility and freedom of movement, this is often times permanent
 after only one visit.     




The S.R.T. Neck Release offers a physical, emotional, and spiritual connection. Some feel more of the physical effects (a reduction or elimination of pain, headache, tension, and discomfort) while others sense a combination of all three. Either way, once the adhesions and excess tension is removed, healing can then take place, whether changes are felt immediately or not.

At first, most people will notice more range of motion throughout the body. They often comment that they feel taller and their head feels lighter and more balanced. As a result of these constant reports, I began to measure everyone's height before and after the procedure and the result was that 37% gain about 1/4" in height. Others comment that they can look up and back without pain. Some just say, "Wow, I feel so different, but can't quite describe it!"

When a person first stands up after receiving S.R.T., he or she will often notice that they feel more stable. This is due to the release of muscles that can cause chronic muscle tension in the psoas muscles, tilting the pelvis, Quadratis Lumborm and calf muscles can  pull one leg up causing the legs to appear be uneven, when these muscles are finally released, the legs will now apear to be even in length and usually remain that wayI have re-checked people years after receiving the S.R.T. Neck Release Procedure and they are still even!

For most people it is the left heal that appears short by about 1/4", but in some it switches over to the right. This switch appears to be a sign of past trauma, usually back trauma or an old tail-bone injury. Selective supportive techniques are often applied and can help speed up recovery. Back pain is sometimes completely gone before they leave the office. The entire body begins to self correct with an intelligence specific to that of each persons needs.

Reactions following the S.R.T Procedure are so varied and personalized that it is impossible to predict how one will feel; however, most experience great results, some would even say life altering.

We all have specific needs and expectations, but what I notice is that those who experience the greatest results are the more open-minded individuals who trust in health alternatives and are willing to trust the healing process within themselves. They are willing to support the work either by their own disciplines or by the help of another therapist, and they always remain optimistic about moving into the future. These are individuals whose brainwaves vibrate in alpha (8 to 14 Hz) - they tend to heal more rapidly.

In contrast, individuals whose brainwaves vibrate more in theta (4 to 8 Hz) tend to be dominated by personal desires and attachments, which tends to slow the body's healing ability. These individuals suffer from many old traumas that never completely heal until proper change is made. And, for those who vibrate in beta (14 to 20 Hz), indicating that they are dominated by analytical thinking, stress, and worry, have great trouble healing. The S.R.T. Neck  Release Technique can help break through those old ways and can offer a new start for many. The graphs below show how the brainwaves can be altered in just one treatment.The graph on the left shows the brainwaves dominated by Beta waves, Very little healing can take place under these conditions. The middle graph shows the waves changing during the treatment, and the far right graph shows the brainwaves now calm and in the healthy Alpha waves. This is where healing takes place. We have integrated this work into the S.R.T. Procedure.


                               Before Treatment                                             During Treatment                                             After Treatment

The eyes can reveal changes in the nervous system. They often become brighter and  look more vibrant after the procedure, indicating better internal health.

A person may also temporarily feel more tired or very relaxed. These are signs that your body wants to heal. Sleep is a natural healer and it should always be honored.

On a more spiritual level, I have seen some people completely change their lives in positive ways after receiving the S.R.T.  Procedure. They appear to regain focus on who they are and what they want to do with their life. They sometimes become more assertive, moving on to healthier relationships, leaving jobs they felt stuck in, and some begin to fulfill old dreams that have been put on hold for many years.

Many seek us out as a last resort after spending much time and expense trying to overcome chronic ills. After receiving the S.R.T. Procedure, they finally begin to see results. Every now and then I will receive a call or card from someone thanking me for helping them move on and feel well again. It's an honor to help people in this aspect and a pleasure to know that I am using my life to help so many in myriad ways. 

Are you ready for what your future may hold? For a deeper understanding of why S.R.T. Neck Release is needed, and why we can permanently clear this in one session, see the Articles page on this site.

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The Practitioner does not diagnose, treat, or heal; they know human beings are created to be well. They have a special way of looking beyond symptoms to the primary cause. They consider their approach to be a better way. S.R.T. Neck Release is not government regulated or insurance covered, and it is not recognized by or a part of medical, chiropractic, or any other so-called healing profession.





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